Healthy Eating Cajun Food Demo

Don’t be fooled to think that Cajun foods can’t be healthy!

I’ve teamed up with Eat Fit Acadiana and Cajun Crate to display how we can blend healthy eating with the traditional foods of our Cajun culture. This Healthy Cajun Food Demo will highlight foods made right here in Louisiana all while keeping you on your healthy eating plan. 

On the menu:

Green Salad with Hanley’s Creole Ranch or Creole Mustard Salad Dressings

Mam Papaul’s Okra Gumbo with Supreme Brown Rice

Buddy’s Cajun Chili

Sal & Judy’s Heart Smart Pasta Sauce over Spaghetti Squash

With a taste of:

Pickled Carrot Sticks

Old Soul Pickled Zucchini & Squash and Pickled Beets

Taylormade Eats Cajun Cheddar Kale Chips

Jay D’s Molasses Mustard BBQ Sauce

Cajun Power Garlic Sauce

Along with local seasoning blends such as Purely Cajun and Basin Blend

There will be foods available for purchase so you can take home these healthy Cajun creations to share (or not).

Thursday, April 4, 2019


5826 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA  inside Top’s Appliances & Cabinetry

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