Nutrition for the Infant – Making Nutrient Dense Baby Food

This class is for the mamas and papas who are looking to go above and beyond for their babies. I will be working with Stevie from The Harlow House Homestead on teaching you concepts about maximizing the nutrition in the food you prepare for your baby. The BONUS… you will be able to bring home some foods for your baby to start right away (or freeze for when you are ready).

In this class we will be discussing and preparing:

broth, which is a base for many foods

butternut squash with cinnamon and coconut oil

asparagus with egg yolks

white beans with broth

chicken liver with egg yolks and broth

blueberries and avocado


Thursday, October 21


Healthy Holiday Cooking

This holiday bring a slice of health to the table. We’ll be exploring a new twist on classic holiday sides, which are all gluten free.

On the menu:

Spiced Pecans

Sausage & Apple Dressing

Green Bean Casserole

Smashed Sweet Potatoes

Pumpkin Coffee Cake (gluten free)


Thursday, November 18


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