“The blues”

Lack of energy

Craving sweets

Bloating after eating

Mental sluggishness

“Issues” in the bathroom

Weight gain around the waist or hips

Do these sound familiar? They are signs and symptoms that your body is off balance. As an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner we will work together to get to the root cause of your ailments.

Together we will:

1. identify foods & nutrients that support your body

2. assure you know how to prepare & cook these foods

3. determine how to fit them into your everyday lifestyle

At The Unconventional Dietitian

We grow confidence in people through helping them to

choose and create food that makes them feel good.

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You know that “food is medicine,” yet you’re not quite sure what steps to take next. We work primarily with adults, in person, phone, or virtually. We recognize that you are as unique as a recipe and we have the tools and framework to help you on your journey to growth.

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We have found our love working with people who are transforming their old habits and staying committed to finding what foods work for them. Then learning how to navigate their transformation in “the real world.” We  want to help you land butter side up to be the very best you.


Success comes in many forms. Take a look at the results people have had working with me. They have experienced everything from weight loss, better sleep, more energy , improved freedom from prescription medications, enhanced productivity, and greater confidence. Many reported feeling more positive and motivated in their daily lives. They have found a new sense of purpose and fulfillment. You can be successful too!

I’ve lost 30 lbs on the parameters you set for me.

My last test for blood sugar came back within parameters of normal (with help of diet and glucophage). And….I’M PREGNANT! I cant thank you enough for all the help you have given me in educating me about food. I now eat smarter. I truly do not think that I would have been able to get pregnant and get my health in check without your help. My sincerest Thank you!

A. Manuel

“Daphne is so knowledgeable and has helped me a tremendous amount!

Nutrition is a journey and I am very happy to have her as my guide.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experiences meeting with her and working on the issues I have. She is a blessing!

A. Rigsby

“I am very grateful for the help and guidance I am receiving.

I’m hoping to get the needed knowledge I need to learn how to live a life without the digestive issues I’ve had for years. There may be limitations but it will be worth it being able to live without such chronic digestive issues!!!”

T. Eggleston

Hashimoto’s Diet for the Newly Diagnosed: A 21-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan and Cookbook

“Hashimoto’s Diet for the Newly Diagnosed” is a comprehensive guide designed to assist individuals in managing their Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis through diet and lifestyle modifications. The book includes 75 healing recipes and a 3-week meal plan complete with shopping lists, aiming to alleviate symptoms such as fatigue and weight gain. It simplifies the traditional elimination diet, teaching readers to listen to their bodies and create a personalized diet for optimal health. Additionally, the guide provides easy-to-understand scientific explanations, quick and comforting recipes, and advice on building a support system, making it an ideal resource for those newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.


Daphne Olivier , RD, LDN, CDE, CLT, IFNCP

I’m a South Louisiana gal raised on “yes ma’ams,” potluck suppers, and sweet tea.

I’ve found my love working with people who, just like you, are transforming their old habits and staying committed to finding what foods work for them. I  want to help you land butter side up on your journey to be the very best you.

My road has been long and winding, peppered with lots of questions and research to get to the clear understanding of how to use food as information for the body.

I have a BS in Dietetics from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and completed my internship working with the beloved veterans of our country. Since then I’ve run hospital cafeterias, implemented worksite wellness campaigns, nourished loved ones who were in ICU, rehabbed people after major heart surgery or vehicle accidents, loved on grandmas and grandpas in the nursing home, and taught children how to prepare nourishing food for themselves.

I have recently completed a certification to become Louisiana’s first and only Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, which gives me the tools to help you get to the root of the challenges that ail you.