Once the weather starts to heat up we all enjoy a good smoothie. If you come to my house at any point during the summer (May through September) you are certain to find one thing…homemade popsicles. I have at least 20 different popsicle molds and all of the kids know where to find a popsicle to get through the heat. These popsicles all start with the basic smoothie…

Dietitian Daphne Smoothies from Dietitian Daphne on Vimeo.

The Basic Smoothie

There are numerous varieties of ingredients that you can use to make smoothies, but here are some of the ones we enjoy:

  • plain kefir, frozen strawberry, and coconut oil
  • coconut water, frozen pineapple chunks, unsweetened coconut flakes, and coconut oil
  • plain yogurt, frozen banana, avocado, vanilla extract
  • plain kefir, frozen blueberries, avocado, cinnamon
  • water, frozen blueberries, fresh spinach, canned coconut milk

And our most favorite smoothie is made with (can I get a drum roll, please) plain yogurt, frozen banana, sunflower seed butter, vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

The possibilities are endless, so think outside of the box and use your imagination to tickle your taste buds!