Daphne's Fave Things

Welcome to my page dedicated to My Favorite Things.

Here, I’ll be sharing a delightful collection of products and items that have become an integral part of my daily life. As someone who believes in the power of personal experience, each recommendation you’ll find here is something I personally use and adore.

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Rasa, a pioneer in coffee alternatives, presents a range of unique blends designed to invigorate and nurture. Crafted with Ayurvedic wisdom, Rasa’s offerings cater to various needs, from smooth energy to mood enhancement.

Experience a healthier, mindful coffee alternative with Rasa and unlock the wonders of herbal alchemy in every sip.

  1. Dirty: Fuel your day without the crash, offering sustained energy.
  2. Calm: A serene blend of vanilla and dates, good for relaxation anytime.
  3. Super Happy Sunshine: Infused with lemony goodness to uplift your mood and spirit.
  4. Cacao: Indulge in a mood-enhancing, healthier hot chocolate experience.
  5. Original: Enjoy the calming energy of Rasa’s timeless roasted flavor.
  6. Golden Chai: Strengthen your immunity and recover swiftly with the comforting spices of chai.
  7. Bold: Boost energy, focus, and flow with this robust, coffee-like blend.
  8. Créme de la Creamer: Enhance any Rasa blend with this frothy, hydrating creamer for an indulgent treat.
  9. Spicy Rose Cacao: Delight in the pleasure of cayenne, ginger, and rose-flavored cacao, elevating the sensual experience.

RAW Forest Foods

RAW Forest Foods stands at the forefront of herbal medicine, renowned for introducing RAW Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Tinctures.

By seamlessly melding ancient wisdom with contemporary science, RAW Forest Foods offers a premium range of products to support holistic health.


Organifi is dedicated to simplifying and enriching healthy living for individuals seeking a convenient and delicious way to boost their well-being. At the heart of their product lineup is Organifi Green Juice, a highly regarded superfood powder that simplifies the process of integrating essential nutrients into one’s daily routine.

What sets Organifi apart is their commitment to quality. They meticulously curate high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients to create these superfood blends. This ensures that you receive the maximum benefits without compromising on taste.


Whether it’s a fruity smoothie, your nonna’s pasta, or your favorite takeaway, FODZYME® is a unique enzyme blend that helps you digest foods high in FODMAPs. Check out the products now and get a 15% discount when you use my code DAPHNETUD.