Physical activity has increased across the country in the past couple of years. The rate jumped from 15% to 25% over the course of the pandemic, signaling that there is a need to emphasize the importance of movement in people’s lives. Exercise can pose numerous benefits for individuals outside of keeping people healthy. Here are the multiple ways physical activity can help you in the many aspects of your life:

Exercise keeps you emotionally well

The first way working out helps you in your life is by keeping your mental health in check. Studies have shown that it reduces anxiety and stress if done consistently, as well as improving a person’s mood. This is because physical activity leads to your body producing endorphins, creating a sense of happiness or euphoria.

Emotions can be hard to manage and can oftentimes lead to unhealthy lifestyle patterns like overeating. This is a habit that people can form when their hunger is tied to heightened feelings like extreme joy or sadness. Because exercise can help people stabilize their emotions and mood, it can be a way to eliminate the habit of emotional eating. Working out consistently for just half an hour a day can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping a person happier and in a better disposition. It serves as the perfect way to start your morning or to clear your mind after a long and stressful day at work.

Exercise helps you stay physically fit

Physical health should be a priority for everyone but as mentioned earlier, not many people exercise to stay fit. It has been proven time and time again that exercise is one of the main pillars when it comes to individual and holistic health. It not only helps people maintain a healthy weight and fight off sickness, but it also keeps your body strong as you become older.

Because it is such an important aspect of overall wellness, health educators are doing what they can in their communities to raise more awareness around the benefits and create programs to better serve people. This includes hosting aerobics classes in community centers and placing exercise machines in public parks. Getting the physical benefits of working out is also easy because there are activities like running and yoga which require no equipment.

Exercise helps you socialize

Another way exercising benefits people is in terms of their social lives. As mentioned earlier, many places host classes for people, whether it’s cycling or Pilates, where you will be able to meet many like-minded individuals who share the same goals as you. In the time of the pandemic, this will be a welcome change to the lockdown isolation that happened in 2020.

Exercise has also been seen to improve confidence and self-esteem, two important aspects when it comes to being able to socialize with people. When you feel better about yourself, you will be able to properly make connections with people and build better relationships with them.

Physical activity is the best way to holistically take care of yourself. Not only does it help battle any mental and emotional challenges you may be facing, but it can also keep your body in the best condition to deal with these difficulties. It can also help you become a more well rounded person because of its benefits to the social aspect of your life. Find a workout that you love in order to have the motivation to exercise consistently.

Written by Rozlynn Jayne