A lot of weight is put on weight. However, when measuring your progress to become a healthier you, weight is only a sliver of the pie. There are a lot of non-scale victories that can be important measures of success.

While weight may be one of the most common measures we track in our quest to improve our nutrition, it is definitely not the only measure of success. Weight loss is not a linear process, and so it can be frustrating to put too much emphasis on the number on the scale. Focusing on the many non-scale measures of success can keep the momentum going at times you feel stuck or your weight loss is plateauing. Additionally, there are many factors that may affect your weight on any given day so focusing solely on this number on the scale can result in unwanted stress and pressure on yourself. Always remember – that number does not define your worth.

Aside from weight, there are a multitude of non-scale victories worth celebrating in your health journey that are just as important to recognize. In fact, they may even be more important because many of these non-scale victories are what keeps you going even when you reach your goal weight. Many of my clients reach their goal weight through working with me, and this is a time of transition and reflection on how far they’ve come.

It’s important to remember that when you achieve any non-scale victory, many times you will lose weight in the process as well as improve your mood. Here are several non-scale victories to refer back to when you’re in need of encouragement – ranging from physical, mental, emotional, and beyond. If you’ve accomplished any of these victories, pat yourself on the back and celebrate your success!

Food Behaviors

  • you have a healthier relationship with food
  • less disordered eating habits, such as binging or food avoidance
  • you are eating more mindfully
  • you stop eating when you are full
  • you listen to your body
  • you learn or are learning how to cook
  • you are no longer ‘dieting’
  • you can objectively identify where you are on the hunger scale
  • you no longer use food as a punishment or reward

Physical – External Appearance

  • glowing skin
  • stronger, thicker hair
  • fresh breath
  • flatter stomach
  • less bloating
  • leaner appearance
  • clothes fit better
  • wedding ring fit better
  • more defined muscle tone
  • more confidence
  • less reflux or heartburn
  • less aches and pains

Mood and Emotions

  • you feel happier
  • you are more confident, thus more outgoing
  • you have more patience with yourself, your kids, or your loved ones
  • you feel less stress and anxiety
  • you have a better attitude and are more optimistic
  • less cravings for sugar
  • you feel better when you look in the mirror
  • you feel like you are in control

Brain Function

  • improved ability to focus
  • improved performance at job or at school
  • faster reaction times
  • improved memory (you no longer go into a room and forget what you went in there for)
  • clearer thinking
  • increased productivity


  • you fall asleep easily
  • you are sleeping more soundly
  • you no longer need sleep meds
  • you wake up easily without having to hit snooze
  • less snoring
  • less night sweats
  • less sleep apnea

Energy levels

  • increased energy
  • you have steady energy throughout the day
  • you no longer have slumps at 3:00pm
  • more energy to play with your kids or grand kids
  • you rely less on caffeine and sugar


This is the short list of non-scale victories. Click here to DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE LIST.

The scale does not have to define your success. Refer back to these non-scale victories to remind yourself of how far you’ve come and all of the success you’re having along the way. If you need more support so you can achieve your scale and non-scale victories, contact me to get on my waiting list.

How do you measure success?