I was diagnosed with PCOS in my very early 20’s.

I barely managed to keep my symptoms regulated with the help of hormonal contraceptives. I really struggled during and after each pregnancy (I have 5 children) with weight, mood fluctuations, and managing my blood sugar.

In early 2016 I decided that it was time that I make my health a priority. I began seeing a primary care doctor who was extremely knowledgeable in women’s health. I became aware of the status of my condition and also learned that there are steps that I could take to manage it.

I was referred, during my search for the best, to Daphne for nutritional counseling. Based on the recommendation, I decided to make the drive over to Lafayette to see for myself if there was something that she could do for me. Daphne took the time to assess my unique condition in light of her wide range of knowledge of nutrition and how it interacts with disease processes and helped me to develop a workable plan. I am happy to say that I continue to follow this very realistic plan.

I am very pleased with the outcome of treatment. My recent blood work shows a marked improvement. I have achieved and maintained my ideal weight. I have greatly reduced anxiety and mood fluctuations and I feel much calmer overall. My skin has cleared up. I rarely experience bloating and other GI symptoms anymore and my energy level has increased.

It turns out that a diet rich in nutrition that is right for you, does make a difference!

S. Williams

I’ve lost 30 lbs on the parameters you set for me.

My last test for blood sugar came back within parameters of normal (with help of diet and glucophage). And….I’M PREGNANT! I cant thank you enough for all the help you have given me in educating me about food. I now eat smarter. I truly do not think that I would have been able to get pregnant and get my health in check without your help. My sincerest Thank you!

A. Manuel

Thank you for all your help over the last few months.

You have really helped me improve my quality of life

for that I am forever grateful. If I have any troubles in the future I will definitely look you up.


You are my favorite dietitian ever.

You have a way of working with people and not putting them down about their weight, initially that is what I expected; criticism. Surprisingly I met a very, intelligent, sweet, and patient beautiful woman


I was able to get my A1C down

to 5.5% (from 13.1%) which I am pretty pleased with. Thanks again for your help. 

S. Latolias

I was searching my emails to confirm the time of our meeting and I found some old emails from you. There was test results and recommendations from several years back. I read over them and realized that many of your insights were spot on. I’ve struggled to figure out my chronic health issues since 2011. I’ve done lots of tests and tried a boatload of supplements and gradually figuring out my food sensitivities and fine tuned my diet. I’ve learned a lot over the years, but you were the first one to mention that protease might help, the one that suggested colonics and

I am genuinely impressed with your insight and intuition.

P. Brown

I had an appointment with my diabetes doctor this morning and my A1C was so good they took me off of 1 of my 3 diabetes medicines.

In addition I lost another 5 lbs so I am down 55lbs since I started. I wanted you to know how truly grateful I am for the blessing you are to me and my family. Thanks for your commitment, passion and for making a difference in our lives.

M. Foley

Daphne helped me lower my cholesterol and lose 10 pounds

in the process by changing just a few of my bad eating habits. The best parts of this is I enjoy what I eat, and I won’t be put on medication! I would highly recommend her to ANYONE.

R. Cazares

At first, I weighed 258 lbs and couldn’t walk 1 mile on the treadmill without laboring. I was eating everything under the roof and leaving nothing for even a doggy bag . Now, after my visits to your office, I weigh a very comfortable 218 lbs, my cholesterol is 127 and I’m walking 4 to 5 miles every two days at the park. I will continue to say I owe all this to you in teaching me the right and wrong of eating and saying NO to the bad foods and drinks out there. I feel so much better now with the lighter weight and two jean sizes smaller. I kept all my pants from my 190 lbs days and have two sizes left. My goal is 205 only since my teen years I always wanted to weigh 200 plus. I owe you for all this.

W. Babin

Daphne is a caring yet professional person.

She helped me with a gastro problem by steering me to a medical test that confirmed her suspicions about my issue. I was given a diet to follow by my doctor that was both subtle and complex. Daphne was instrumental with simplifying the diet so that I could use it in real life. I don’t think I could have done it without her.

K. Davies