When it comes to planning meals, diversity is an important factor. The most recent research indicates that the variety of thirty different plant-based foods supports the diversity of your gastrointestinal bacteria, decreases chronic illness, and decreases cancer. You can read here more about what that means.

Thirty different plant based foods may feel overwhelming. Here are four plant forward breakfast meals that will spruce up your breakfast routine.

Breakfast Hash

breakfast meals - Breakfast Hash

The concept of Breakfast Hash is an easy way to incorporate a variety of plant based foods into one meal. It’s a spin on a breakfast stir-fry, if you will. Breakfast Hash incorporates flavorful veggies and herbs, such as onions, garlic, and parsley. Add in a variety of plant foods including some green leafy veggies. You may even like some fruit for a hint of sweetness; and your protein of choice.

While eggs are the most common breakfast protein, they can be used. However, if you are looking to increase the amount of protein you may choose to add in meat as a compliment.

Additionally, Breakfast Hash can be made in large batches and used throughout the week or frozen for future use. Try this plant forward Breakfast Hash containing sweet potatoes, apples, ground meat and greens of your choice. If you are feel culinary creativity, feel free to adjust this and make it fit your needs.

Fruity Chia Seed Pudding

breakfast meals -  chia puddingAgain, there are various ways to make chia seed pudding, but all present a great way to add in your plant based foods. It is a great option for those on-the-go, this is a quick, nutrient packed breakfast.

Chia seeds are a super source of soluble fiber, which binds to hormones (specifically estrogen) and cholesterol, leading them out of the digestive system where they can not be absorbed. Additionally, you will get a variety and antioxidants and phytonutrients with the fruit that’s added. Feel free to add some protein powder to this for a higher protein start to the day.

Hint… Hint… This makes a great snack too!

Breakfast Frittatabreakfast meals - Breakfast Frittata

Frittatas are a great way to add in a variety of plants, mostly veggies to a meal. A frittata is similar to a crustless quiche. It offers a variety of ways to use up the veggies in your refrigerator that are almost ready to be tossed.

While we call this Breakfast Frittata it is actually good for any meal. I often make this on a weeknight at the end of the week. I will toss in there all meats that have been cooked during the week (feel free to mix and match your protein sources) and veggies that need to be eaten. We will often eat this as a dinner meal, then breakfast for the next few days.

If you are creative in the kitchen you can have fun with this one.

Zucchini Patties

breakfast meals - Zucchini Patties

Zucchini, often abundant in the summer, is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants. These Zucchini Patties take a little time to prep, but they offer a fun change to your typical breakfast options. They can be made as small or large as you’d like. They freeze well too, if they even make it to the freezer.

Creating diversity with your meals requires you to be intentional. Finding and using new ways to add in plant foods may feel like a major adaptation, however once you start moving down this journey it will get easier. Try a new plant forward breakfast meal, but if you’re not a breakfast lover a good smoothie offers a more traditional way to add in plants.

Do you have a fave plant forward breakfast meal?