The holidays are here and they’re bringing with them all the things we love most. Time with our families, cozy winter evenings with friends, and lots of delicious food are all in the cards. But the holidays can also mean a lot of extra calories and lazy days spent on the couch. While it might be tempting to say “nah” when it comes to exercise during this season full of celebration and indulgence. After all, it’s only once a year. Here are some tips for staying active the holidays.

  • Workout with Your FamilyMake it a competition! Whoever meets xyz amount of steps in a certain timeframe wins a nice gift. Or plan group activities such as walking the neighborhood to view the lights, or book a group pickleball session. Getting competitive makes for hilarious family memories!
  •  Shop the Mall, Rather than Online – As we know, the malls of our nation are starting to die off, why not support them while getting your steps in. While online shopping is convenient, shopping in person gives you and your family active quality time together! 
  • Request Gifts that Encourage Activity workout shoes, gym memberships,  fitness trackers, active wear, these are all great gifts to get you moving in the upcoming year.
  • Get an early head start in  the mornings. Most holiday activities are planned later in the day or evening. Therefore it’s always a good idea to prioritize your workout, and get it done first thing in the morning, before the festivities begin. 

Whatever you do, remember that it’s important to make fitness a priority no matter what time of year it is—and there are plenty of ways to do that! Best Wishes!


Leila is a wife and mom of two littles. She has a Masters of Science and is working toward completing a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. Leila has a enjoys using foods in their most natural form, along with herbs, to optimize the nutrients the body uses for day-to-day performance.