If you’re looking for a way to get you and your loved ones moving this holiday season, we have the perfect list of suggestions. Giving a gift that encourages exercise can help them stay active and maintain optimal health in the long run. Here is your wellness wish list for staying active. 

Fit Bit Charge 5

The newest craze in watch wear is a great way reminder that wellness is becoming a top priority. This Fit Bit Charge 5 is one of the newest watches to include cool features like stress scans/management, electrocardiograms, and a built-in GPS. It is a great way to offer reminders about slowing down and getting you out of your seat. 

Hoka Shoes

These Hoka Walking Shoes have a sole cushion that feels like you’re walking on clouds. With all of the fun, stylish colors they provide it’s clear to see why these are so popular.  Hoka has a shoe for just about everyone. From marathon runners to those with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Hoka provides a foot test to determine the best shoe to fit your needs. 

Gym Membership

Consider the person and their fitness level. Do they like guided group sessions? Or would they rather fly solo? Orange Theory would be great for guided group workouts. Yet Planet Fitness is an inexpensive option that works for those who prefer to create their own workouts. Both available nationwide, allowing the opportunity to exercise when traveling out of town!

The Stakt Mat

This Stackt Mat is a foldable mat, use as a mat or stack up for workouts that include stepping or kneeling.

Active Apparel

For most, showing off the latest and greatest activewear is a huge motivator to go to the gym. Trending activewear brands include Lululemon, AthletaAlo, and Gymshark. 

Nike Gym Bag

Pack your gym bag! It’s time to go from the office to the gym, or vice versa. This Nike Gym bag has several compartments, including one for shoes, keeping your clothing clean and tucked away. 

Gaiam Pilates Ring

Looking to target your core? Pilates can be a great option that you can do either from the comfort of your home or at a professional studio. This Gaiam pilates ring is a great starting point for beginners to get their feet wet. 

Now that you’re up to speed on the latest fitness trends, it’s time to hit the stores. Remember to check out our other wellness wish list items – kitchen gadgets, skin care, and low tox self care

Happy Shopping!


Rochelle is a native of Covington, LA and a newlywed. She enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and yoga. Her passion for diabetes prevention, due to an extensive family history, led her to become a Registered Dietitian with a focus on helping people formulate a lifestyle that supports managing blood sugar.