Back in April 2020, at the height of coronavirus pandemic, my colleague, Harry Turner (also known as The Nocturnal Psychotherapist) and I started a wellness Zoom call series to provide ways to ease the anxiety and channel the fear of unknown that was arising.

With topics such as motivation vs self discipline, limiting beliefs, setting goals, and self care, these calls have highlighted the connection between how your mental wellbeing profoundly impacts your daily choices. This specifically impact how you choose to care for your physical body.

When Harry Met Daphne Show

From the discussions through the pain of quarantining and isolation, we turned our conversations into a podcast, the When Harry Met Daphne Show.

Our show is focused on how to be your most authentic self


and create your best authentic life, which reflects into how you are for yourself both mentally and physically. As Harry would say,

What was once a live call, now you can listen to the show recordings any time, anywhere through your favorite podcast platform – including Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast, and iHeart.

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We have been so humbled by the response for this show, but we are not stopping here. Harry and I have many more spiritual steaks to share with you.

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